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Window Cornices, for sale at PSI Window Coverings in Scottsdale, AZ
Parkland™ Cornices with Parkland™ wood blinds

Enhance Your Windows with Cornices

Add a touch of beauty over any window covering or hide room imperfections with a custom cornice. Fabric covered or wood, your design options are endless! 

Dramatically enhance the look of your rooms with cornices. Constructed from wood, cornices can be stained or painted – or covered with your choice of fabrics – and come in many styles and sizes. Cornices add a touch of beauty over any window covering and can hide room imperfections or drapery rods.

Wood Cornices, for sale at PSI Window Coverings in Scottsdale, AZ
Parkland™ Cornice with Parkland™ wood blinds

A cornice is a box-like structure that can be stained, painted, or covered with fabric. Cornices differ from other top treatments because they are made with wood, so they are more rigid and add a more formal look to your windows than a swag or scarf.

Much like the icing on a cake, a cornice can add the finishing touch to your already beautiful room. They have the ability to stand alone, or they work well with other window treatments.

If you don’t have crown moldings or tray ceilings in your rooms, stained or painted cornices can add architectural interest that is lacking to the upper parts of your walls. They can also add height to an otherwise small window and draw a person’s eyes higher, making your room seem taller. The experts at PSI Window Coverings can recommend the right size cornice to enhance your room or window without overwhelming it.

For areas that could use some color or pattern, but loose-hanging curtains or valances just aren’t practical (an entryway or over the kitchen sink, for example), a cornice covered in fabric can add this missing element without getting in the way.

Not only do cornices add their own beauty, they can also hide the less attractive features of a window. They easily cover imperfections in the trim or wall directly above the window. Small headrails, boring curtain rods, and motors for automated window treatments virtually disappear behind cornices. These top treatments also conceal blinds or shades when they are drawn, giving your window a finished look while you enjoy the view outside.

Cornices do not need to be made from the same materials as your existing window coverings. Stained wood cornices can be paired with fabric drapes to give the window more structure and formality; fabric-covered cornices pair well with horizontal blinds and add softness and color. The interior fashion professionals at PSI Window Coverings can help you create new cornices to go with your existing window treatments or work with you to find new blinds or shades too.

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PSI Window Coverings is your number-one choice for window treatments in Arizona. Our experienced sales force will help you through every step of finding the perfect Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, plantation shutters, or motorized window treatments. We also offer cornices and patio screen shades. Our fantastic showroom is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we also proudly serve the surrounding area.