Decorating Window Shades

With so many excellent shades from Hunter Douglas, it can be difficult to decide which one will fit your home, your style, and provide the proper window coverage you need. Decorating individual rooms with various types of shades can be an easy way to add a fashionable upgrade to your home, and the professional staff of PSI Window Coverings can help you choose the best window shades in Scottsdale Arizona to fit your needs. Before deciding on the type of shade that will accommodate your home, consider the following suggestions for enhancing your windows and which shades will work best.

Casual Comfort

When you’re relaxing at home, especially your bedroom or living area, you want to feel not only comfortable but also at ease, making casual window treatments the perfect addition. With a natural blend of grasses, woods, and reeds for a sturdy yet appealing product, woven wood shades can make any room feel cozy with their earthy tones and tranquil colors. Due to the fact that these shades are highly durable, they make for a perfect long-term investment in window treatments and will last for many years, especially backed by the Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee. Protective linings to help block harmful UV rays can be added to woven wood shades to make them more energy efficient, as well as unique with custom edge banding or valances to top off this already inspiring treatment.

Style with Savings

Although everyone desires their window treatments to be fashion forward and modern, there is no denying that looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to your energy bills. Hunter Douglas perfectly combines style and savings with Honeycomb shades, a line specifically designed with cellular technology that places layers of protection against your windows. These cells are not only stylish and appealing, but they help trap heat and air inside your home by providing insulation, making them great sound barriers for exterior noises as well. Honeycomb shades are great additions to any room in any home, regardless of whether it’s a heavily used area or not, and come in a variety of colors for subtle décor that won’t overwhelm a room but add instant charm. Considering these shades can be used in addition to several Hunter Douglas operating systems, such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up and Vertiglide™, they can be very versatile for covering many types of windows, from large to small, throughout your home.

Colorful Confidence

Spring and summer are perfect seasons for tossing aside dark window treatments and brightening up your space. When it comes to colorful shades, Hunter Douglas offers an elegant combination of style and vivid tones with their line of Roman shades. Available in a variety of fabrics from thin to thick and countless styles, you can choose exactly how much privacy and light control you desire while still providing layers of fabric folds. With Design Studio™, you can select fashionable bold prints or colors that will make your treatments stand out, for a Roman shade that not only captures your attention with its beauty but also its style. For a sophisticated feel without the folds, check out Designer Roller shades from Hunter Douglas. This line of shades come in several bold colors and print designs for a modern and contemporary look. They also offer easy to use lift technology and concealing hardware for a simple window treatment that remains fashionable but functional. Before selecting your new window shades in Scottsdale Arizona, contact the friendly staff at PSI Window Coverings for a consultation today.