Decorating With Plantation Shutters

Now that you have made the decision to have high quality, Hunter Douglas plantation shutters installed in your home, decorating is the next thing to tackle. Plantation shutters are statement makers. These beautifully crafted but incredibly durable window treatments don’t need much added to them to make them stand out, but they can be enhanced with your decor.

Show Them Off

One of the best ways to decorate with plantation shutters is to make your shutters a point of focus in the room. Let the natural beauty of your plantation shutters shine by keeping them uncluttered and uncovered. Now you may be thinking, “but how will I keep light out of my room without blinds or curtains?” And the answer is simple: all Hunter Douglas plantation shutters, Heritance®, NewStyle™, and Palm Beach™ offer excellent light filtration with their louvers. Simply adjust your plantation shutters depending on the amount of light you want in the room. By keeping your plantation shutters uncluttered and on display, you not only bring out the beauty of your new shutters, but also the beauty of the view beyond the window.

Light and Breezy

If you have chosen white plantation shutters for your home keep your decorations light and simplistic. White plantation shutters will make your room seem brighter, enhancing the lighter colors in your decor that would otherwise be diluted in a dimmer room. Keeping your window frame painted the same shade as your shutters also enhances this brightness and makes your windows appear larger. But don’t think this simplistic beauty is dull; choose a bright accent color for you room to add vibrancy. Use this color anywhere in your decorations like pillows, paintings, even a paint color for an accent wall behind your shutters. Whatever color you choose, you can be certain that your white shutters will tie in beautifully.

Warm and Inviting

If a lighter stain or paint shade is what you chose for your plantation shutters, your room will have a more structured feel about it. Wooden and painted plantation shutters will dilute light more than white shutters would, so naturally the room will be a bit darker. But this is good for decoration purposes. Use warm tones in your room to really enhance light stained wooden shutters or painted shutters. Your textiles and fabrics can be more structured with these shutters and not look out of place. Make sure any other wooden décor in your room is a shade that matches your shutters because too many competing tones will throw off the feel of the space.

Classic and Rich

If you have chosen a darker stain or paint color for your shutters, for a more bold and sophisticated look, keep that theme going within your decorations. Keep your shutters unobstructed to show off their exquisite design and craftsmanship, while also keeping the room as bright as it can be.  When choosing colors to decorate your room, the sky’s the limit. These dark plantation shutters will look lovely with any bright, rich color, creating a beautiful background to work with.

Plantation Shutters in Scottsdale AZ

Regardless of the plantation shutter you have chosen, you can be sure that they will enhance any room they are placed in. Plantation shutters are timeless in design and beauty, and offer a great canvas to decorate with. If you are still unsure of the direction you want to go when decorating with your plantation shutters in Scottsdale AZ contact PSI Window Coverings and take advantage of our interior design consultations where our experts will help you bring out the beauty of your new shutters and home.