The History of Interior Shutters 

Interior shutters have been around for decades. With their durable construction, classic style, and easy maintenance, they have withstood the test of time and trends. But how did the shutters that we are familiar with today get their start?

Shutters were originally designed to serve three functions, light control, ventilation, and protection. The first shutters were made in Ancient Greece, constructed from marble for strength and durability; these shutters were not ideal for the average consumer at this time. As shutters became more popular, their designs changed to meet this need. Woodworkers improved on their design and functionality and also began making shutters out of wood. By the Victorian period, these wooden shutters even had moveable louvers, which is what we are familiar with today.

Shutters continued a steady rise in popularity because of all the benefits they offered. Unlike any other window treatment at the time, shutters could be closed to obscure light, while still allowing air to enter the room from the outdoors. Shutters allowed cooks to control the heat in the kitchens while they were cooking, helping with food quality while also helping keep the cooks comfortable.

When the Americas began being colonized in the 18th and 19th century, the Spanish brought shutters with them and thus introduced the New World to the trend. Large mansions in the South, which sat on cotton fields, used shutters for their window treatments and thus the term “plantation shutter” was coined. While plantation shutters at this time had a wider louver, traditional shutters, which were introduced in the North around the same time, were designed with thinner louvers.

While the shutters that we use today have evolved greatly since the time they were introduced, the basic design has remained the same. Interior shutters have crossed decades and continents to get to where they are today, and if that is not a testament to their usefulness in the home, nothing is.

Interior shutters were originally designed to have three purposes: protection, light control, and ventilation. Hunter Douglas has stayed true to these purposes, crafting beautifully functional shutters that not only give you light control, protection, and ventilation, but also bring style to your home.

Modern Plantation Shutters in Scottsdale AZ

At PSI Window Coverings we offer top of the line Hunter Douglas products to our customers. Hunter Douglas has embraced the traditional style of the plantation shutter and improved upon it in almost every way. Offering three distinct styles of plantation shutters, the Heritance® hardwood shutter, the NewStyle™ hybrid shutter, and the Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters, these window treatments have taken shutters to a new level of convenience and usefulness. All three types of shutters are durable. Built to withstand the elements, wear and tear, and to stay in your home for years and years to come.

If you are considering shutters for your home contact us for an appointment so we can help you make the most of our showroom and services. PSI Window Coverings is proud to have the largest Hunter Douglas showroom in Arizona. Our knowledge of these trusted products paired with our experienced design professionals makes PSI the best choice for plantation shutters in Scottsdale Arizona.