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Patio Sun Shades

Arizona is a beautiful place to call home, but sun here can be unforgiving. If you want to be able to spend time comfortably outdoors and also control the temperature inside for enjoyable spaces indoors and outdoors, then sun shades may be the answer. The highly durable and stylish exterior window treatments not only allow homeowners to gain precise control over the lighting, energy efficiency, and privacy in their homes; they can do it with a graceful panache and customizable style to suit any home façade. Outdoor sun shades are available in a wide range of sophisticated fabrics and weaves that provide a range of amazing functional attributes and aesthetically engaging qualities. Furthermore, their applications for residential use are numerous from sun shades patio covers that block midday glare to sun shades on the sides of pool enclosures for better privacy and bug protection; where there is sun there is the possibility for control with custom outdoor sun shades. Sun shades for outdoor use include on or with:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Sunrooms
  • Porches
  • Pergolas
  • Balconies
  • Conservatories
  • Sun Parlors
  • Pool Enclosures
  • Screened-in or glassed-in outdoor areas

In the greater Scottsdale area, no one has more experience with indoor and outdoor window treatments than PSI Window Covering, and no one has a more helpful or friendly staff. Contact PSI Window Covering today and talk with a design expert about the many benefits of outdoor sun shades for your home.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Sun Shades

Window shades are key for the energy efficiency of a home. The glass panes of windows and doors are highly culpable in reducing the energy efficiency of a home as they allow energy (like heating and cooling) to pass between the interior and exterior of a house. In sun-soaked locales like Scottsdale that means valuable air conditioning can be lost out the window while the dreaded heat can enter. Outdoor sun shades are outstanding tools in the fight against inefficiency, as they can block direct sunlight and the solar heat it carries before it even reaches the main structure. By diverting sunlight before it enters a home, outdoor sun shades negate its often-harmful effects including damaging valuable possessions and increasing temperatures, which in turn results in a lowered need for costly artificial cooling and a more maintainable and comfortable indoor atmosphere. Additionally, as sun shades for outdoor spaces are as easy and convenient to control as their interior counterparts thanks to cutting edge design features and user-friendly operating systems, in cooler times, exterior shades can easily be drawn up to allow in abundant amounts natural light and its free warming effects. So, year-round the energy efficiency of outdoor sun shades can benefit homeowners by helping them take control of costly energy loss and overall energy consumption in their home.

Outdoor Sun Shades, Patio Roller Shades, from PSI Window Coverings near Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ)

Protection and Privacy with Sun Shades for Outdoor Spaces

With more than 330 sunny days a year, Scottsdale residents enjoy sunshine almost all year round. And while all the sunshine makes Scottsdale a great place to live, it can also do irrevocable harm to the valuable contents of your home. The danger is largely posed by the sun’s powerful UV rays that, even on a cloudy day, can attack your house. UV can cause color fading, warping, peeling, cracking, and premature aging or sun rot in your most treasured items, which can be pricey or even impossible to replace. Sun shades for outdoor spaces do more than just creating shade, they protect your entire home (inside and out) from UV by blocking or absorbing the harmful rays before they have the chance to damage your possessions.

Sun shades for outdoor spaces don’t just provide protection against harsh natural elements like direct sunlight and UV rays, they also protect your home by enhancing privacy. Thanks to their scientifically engineered materials, many outdoor sun shades have open-weave features that block the view into your home but still afford a view out. The result is view-through visibility that protects your privacy but does not make the indoor space feel small or closed off. Rather the extraordinary range high-tech weaves and translucencies available for sun shades for outdoor spaces create a range of filtered lighting effects that are easily controlled for the homeowner's convenience and do not take away from the view or open feeling of a room.

Amazing Style with Sun Shades Patio Covers

Sun shades, patio covers, and other outdoor sun shades not only enhance functional aspects of your home and outdoor spaces with their ability to control light and increase privacy, they also augment style. Sun shades for outdoor spaces can add bold accents to your home’s exterior, complement your home’s general style, or be made to be nearly invisible by seamlessly blending into the home’s existing façade. By stylishly creating protected outdoor spaces, sun shades not only increase the value of a property by increasing usable outdoor space, they also enhance exterior décor for improved curb appeal.

The sophistication of outdoor sun shades can not only enhance a home’s exterior, it can also be used strategically to enhance interior design as well. By using outdoor sun shades homeowners can opt out of using an interior treatment on that same window. This has a space saving effect since all interior window treatments take up some indoor real-estate, and it also expands the view of not only the outdoors but also of any ornate or architectural details in your windows or window frames that deserve to be shown off not covered up. Since outdoor sunshades come in a range of opacities including open-weaves with more translucent fibers, the overall window treatment has the additional advantage of view-through visibility which adds dimension to the design for visually alluring treatments that make indoor spaces feel more open and airier. Sun shades for outdoor use come in a variety of fabrics that have customizable design options including a choice of color, texture, opacity, and operating systems. Create custom sun shades tailor made to meet your home’s unique needs and suit your own personal taste without losing any of the practical functionality that make outdoor sun shades such a valuable addition to your home’s façade.

Durable and Reliable Patio Roller Shades

Roller shades have a straightforward design and sleek maneuverability which are ideal for treatments like sun shades patio covers or other outdoor sun shade applications because their state-of-the-art design ensures years of hassle-free operation with minimal maintenance required. And thanks to advancements in fabric technology, patio roller shades are now available with enhanced materials that offer protective features like UV resistance as well as lasting durability. Designed to be in the elements, patio roller shades can withstand a range of harsh and unpredictable natural elements from the barrage of constant and direct sunlight to torrential rains and hurricane force winds. The durability of patio roller shades also extends the longevity of outdoor furniture and exterior décor by protecting it against sun damage and sun rot caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

PSI Window Coverings offer window treatment solutions for every home with a rich inventory of interior window shades and outdoor sun shades. Speak with one of our window treatment experts about designing custom sun shades, patio covers, patio roller shades, or any style of sun shades for outdoor use imaginable for your home. Contact PSI Window Coverings now to request a consultation or schedule an appointment to visit the PSI Window Coverings showroom, Arizona’s largest Hunter Douglas display. Located near Scottsdale, AZ, PSI Window coverings is proud to serve valley homeowners in the greater Scottsdale area.