What Color Blinds Should I use?

After deciding on custom Hunter Douglas blinds for your home or workspace, the color choice for those blinds is your next important decision. With fourteen different styles of horizontal blinds and six different styles of vertical blinds, all with varying color and material options, the choice seems daunting. But, with this wide variety of options any color scheme you have in your space or style trend you want to emulate, you can do so. Some things you should think about when deciding on the color of your blinds is the level of privacy you want in your space, the amount of light you want in the room, and the theme of your décor. Depending on your answers to these questions, you can narrow down your color choice quite easily.


Depending on the area of your home in which your blinds are located you will want to choose your blind color based on the privacy they will provide. In a bathroom or a bedroom, especially on a main floor, light colored or sheer blinds should be avoided. Darker colors or materials that are not cloth should be selected for those first level rooms that need privacy. When you are choosing blinds for a second floor room or a common area, the level of privacy you need will obviously be less. For second floor bathrooms you may still want to stick with materials that are not sheer or white. But sheer materials could still work in a bedroom.

Light Filtering

The second thing you need to consider with your blinds is the level of light filtering they will provide. If you prefer to have a room with lots of light even when your blinds are shut, white, off white, beige, or any lightened accent color should be your go-to. Sheer materials and thinner cloths can also be used here if you do not mind a low level of light filtering. If you prefer to have blinds that effectively block sunlight from entering your home, darker tones are where you should look. Colors like brown and black and materials like wood or thick cloths will be best.

Room Décor

The third thing you should consider is the décor and color scheme of the room. By choosing to highlight an accent color with your blinds, not only do you make your blinds more than just a window fixture, they become coordinated into your space. If your color scheme aims for a light airy feel, light colors are best. If you aspire to have a warm homey feel to your space, deeper colors are the way to go.

If you think about these three categories while selecting the color of your blinds you will surely make a choice that suits all of your needs. If you still need help with any color decisions PSI is ready to help. Contact us through our website where we can schedule an interior design consultation and help you make the best choice for your home.