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Soft Sheers and Shades to Light Your Home

There is nothing quite like tons of natural light pouring into your home. It’s great for certain occasions, tasks, and times of day, but sometimes bright natural light can make it difficult to relax even in your own home. When you are hosting fun dinner parties, wanting quiet reading time, or having romantic evenings on the couch, you’ll probably be wanting soft, glowing light. At PSI Window Coverings, we want to give you soft lighting, so you can have uninterrupted relaxation after long workdays. We can accomplish this with sheers and shades from our award-winning Hunter Douglas gallery. We only carry quality products, and we only do exceptional work. PSI Window Coverings has everything you need for your home from sheers to shades, from shutters to blinds, and so much more. We customize our products to match your unique decor style and the dimensions of your home. You won’t be disappointed with PSI Window Coverings or our Hunter Douglas products!

Soft sheers and shades to light your home, featuring Silhouette®, near Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ)

Silhouette® Window Shadings

Our Silhouette® collection has everything that luxurious window shadings should have privacy and light. Floating between two sheer fabric layers are our easily adjustable s-shaped vanes. So, you’ll have soft, filtered light while the views into your home are obscured. With our Alustra® collection of design-inspired fabrics, textures, hardware, and colors, you can personalize your new window shades to your heart’s content. For the softest light possible, our fabrics work to filter out brightness, glares, and harmful UV rays that make your furniture and flooring fade. We also offer the Duolite® feature for room-darkening effects, which is ideal for bedrooms and media rooms that need plenty of shade and privacy.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Our Luminette® Privacy Sheers are ideal for larger windows and glass doors. This collection is also perfect for rooms where you’d like privacy and soft, glowing light rather than direct light. The first layer of Luminette® is our sheer fabric directly in front of a layer of vertical vanes that rotate 180° giving you expert control over light and privacy. We offer smooth operation with our SofTrak™ hardware, which is hidden from view by your fabric choice. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors, textures, and room-darkening options. With our Luminette® collection, we also offer Accents by the Yard™. This unique feature gives you the opportunity to create decor accents that match your new privacy sheers.

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Both our Silhouette® Window Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers are great options for soft, glowing light and plenty of privacy. Either option offers unique features and customization opportunities that we guarantee you’ll love. Don’t forget that our one-of-a-kind Hunter Douglas gallery also offers more amazing options, including shutters and blinds, to furnish your home. Check out our website to learn more about Silhouette®, Luminette®, and more! PSI Window Coverings is conveniently located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We also service the surrounding Scottsdale area. When you are ready for soft sheers and shades to light your home, contact us, and we’ll set up your private consultation!