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Custom Window Cornices

Shopping for new window treatments can be overwhelming. When you finally find what you love, someone asks if you’ll be adding cornices. Now you have a whole new set of questions to tackle. What’s a cornice? Will my new window coverings look bad without one? The design team at PSI Window Coverings is here to help you answer those questions and decide if cornice boards are the best solution for your windows.

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Top Treatments are Always in Style

You may think that top treatments for windows are not in style as they once were. We promise you that cornices are not only in style; a well-designed one can take your window fashions from so-so to stunning. Window cornices are generally made from wood and are meant to complement your drapes or shades and your room’s decor and also hide any unsightly hardware. A wood valance will give your windows a polished, put-together appearance without any significant additional effort.

Today’s top interior designers often use wood valances in newly built, contemporary homes. When you incur the expense and time required to make custom window coverings, it only makes sense to add the additional personalized flair that comes with a cornice board. Solid top treatments add stability to soft window fashions, a new layer of visual interest, and even a bit of height to a smaller space.

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Soften the Space with Fabric

As we mentioned, one of the primary purposes of cornices is to cover rods and other window treatment hardware, but a fabric-covered cornice can soften the lines of hard window treatments and create a look of color continuity within a room. A cornice board can also function as a unique shelf to display heirloom knick-knacks, treasure hardcover books, or other small items you want to show.

Accessorize with Trims, Colors, and Textures

Your wood valance is not limited to simply being covered by fabric or not. You can choose to enhance the elegance of thick, luxurious fabric, such as velvet, by incorporating tassels and fringe. You can use decorative antique nails to accent a reclaimed wood valance used in a farmhouse-style home, and strands of fairy lights and beads can bring a new sense of romance to a formal dining area.

You can also use cornices to play up different colors in a room. Solid white window treatments can be enhanced with a contrasting fabric on a cornice. Or you can make an accent color pop by coordinating it with the cornice board. Think about how gorgeous pink shades would look topped with a deep shade of green.

Have we mentioned how easy cornices make it to add playful texture to a room? You can use your cornice boards to complement your window coverings, furniture, or other decorative accents in a room. Cotton with a vivid pattern is fun and family-friendly, while a sheer fabric is delicate and feminine. Make sure you envision the cornice board in its future location in your home. A burlap or plaid would make an attractive accent in a country kitchen. If you are adding a window cornice to a sleek, contemporary space with upscale decor, consider a shimmery, steel-colored fabric to make your top treatment look right at home.

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