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Make Your Life Easier with PowerView Automation

It is amazing how much of our lives are spent doing things that truly don’t bring us any benefit. In today’s day and age, we automate as much as we can, when possible, to save on valuable time that we could be spending with loved ones. At PSI Window Coverings, we know that opening and closing your blinds all day long can be a pain. That is why we provide the best option for making your life that much more convenient: Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation. With this feature, you can finally have the freedom that you have always wanted.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation Motorized Blinds Smart Shades Automatic Blinds near Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ).

Shades Move to Your Schedule

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with the natural light of the sun? That is one of the biggest perks of PowerView® Automation. You can now schedule your shades to open and close at the exact times you want them to. You can even choose for them to open with the sunrise, which means you are being woken up in the healthiest way possible as you start your morning with the rising sun. This is extremely beneficial because instead of having to walk over to every individual window treatment to open or close it, you can now rely on the shades to move by themselves, exactly when you have scheduled them to.

Easy Use

This automatic system for your blinds is extremely easy to use. Even if you choose not to schedule specific times for your shades to raise and lower, you can still move your blinds without walking up to them and physically lifting them up or down. Now, you have the magic of the PowerView® App. It is a single source where you can control your blinds from anywhere, at any time. It is super easy to use and is convenient for those times that you leave on a trip and realize halfway to the airport that you left all of your blinds open for the world to see. There are also a variety of remotes to be placed around the house for your convenience.


This system is tried and true. It is a reliable and functional system that everyone needs in their home to make their lives that much more convenient. The system even comes with an official seal of approval, which is The Red Dot Award. This award means that it is a highly desirable product because of its trusting design. It can be programmed to work with your existing smart home, which makes it that much better. This system is a benefit that will improve your lifestyle.

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If you live near Scottsdale, AZ, or the surrounding area, we are the dealer for you. We have years of expertise under our belt and know what types of window treatments work best in different types of windows. Give us a call today or visit our Contact Us page online if you have any questions or to set up a free consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you, and to hopefully get PowerView® Automation in your home!